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1 A: _____________________________________________
B: His appointment with Dr. Bill is at 4:30 p.m.

A When are your appointment with Dr. Bill?

B What time is your appointment with Dr. Bill?

C Where is his appointment with Dr. Bill?

D What time is his appointment with Dr. Bill?

2 A: When ________ she _________ her homework?
B: She _________ her homework before class.

A do / does / do

B do / do / do

C does / does / does

D does / do / does

3 A: ____________________________
B: It’s sunny and it’s very hot.

A What it’s the weather like?

B What’s the weather like?

C The weather is like hot?

D The weather is hot?

4 Did Mark _______ the cleaning last Friday?

A went

B go

C did

D do

5 She _______ a boring job

A is

B has

C haves

D do

6 What _______ your favorite food as a child?

A are

B were

C does

D was

7 How ______ bread do we have?

A some

B much

C many

D any

8 You should ______ an aspirin.

A drink

B having

C do

D take

9 A: Would you like anything to drink?
B: __________________________.

A Yes, please. I like an orange juice.

B Yes, please. I’ll have an orange juice.

C Yes, please. I would have an orange juice.

D Yes, please. I’d like the chocolate pie.

10 A: Hi Mary, it’s ______ a long time!
B: Yeah, I _________ seen you in ages.
A: How _______ you been?
B: Pretty good. I’ve moved to New York and I’ve started working in a multinational company. What about you?
A: I ________ done anything different since high school, I’m still working in the same company and living in the same place.

A been / seen / are / haven’t

B has / have / have / hasn’t

C seen / been / have / haven’t

D been / haven’t / have / haven’t

11 I ________ born in Boston but I ________ in New York.

A did / move

B didn’t / moved

C was / was

D was / grew up

12 I really liked the guy I met at school last week. ___________, we had been best friends in kindergarten.

A coincidentally

B miraculously

C suddenly

D unfortunately

13 Choose the correct sentence:

A In five years, everyone will have internet at home.

B In five years, everyone will be internet at home.

C In five years, everyone have internet at home.

D In five years, everyone will have had internet at home.

14 Choose the correct sentence:

A She’s the girl writes great reports.

B She’s the girl who writes great reports.

C She’s the girl who write great reports.

D She’d the girl that writes great reports.

15 Choose the sentence that contains the First Conditional:

A I might get more money if I find a new job.

B I might got more money whenever I find a new job.

C I might get more money if I found a new job.

D I will get more money if I have found a new job.

16 Check the sentences that contains a grammar mistake:

A Make sure to collect background information about the company.

B Don’t forget smile and be nice to everyone you meet.

C Try to arrive ten minutes early.

D Be sure to have questions prepared.

17 If he won the lottery, …

A ...he will move abroad.

B ...he would have moved abroad.

C ...he would move abroad.

D ...he might have moved abroad.

18 I – I don’t mind _______________ speeches at college.
II – She hates ________________ calculations.
III – We have always been interested in ________________ languages.

A Delivering / to do / learning.

B to deliver / doing / to learn.

C Deliver / do / learn.

D Delivering / to do / to learn.

19 Sally spent $500 over the limit on her credit card and now she has no money to pay the bills.

A She shouldn’t have done this.

B She wouldn’t have done this.

C I would have buy more things.

D I would’ve did the same thing.

20 “People can do nothing to save the environment.” – Check the best option:

A Nothing can be do to save the environment.

B Nothing to save the environment can be done by people.

C Nothing by people can be done to save the environment.

D Nothing can be done to save the environment.

21 Fish and water plants are ___________ by the contamination of rivers and seas.

A been killed

B been kill

C being killed

D being kill

22 Within 20 years, most of the polar ice caps will have ___________ and many urban areas at sea level will have _____________.

A melt / disappear

B melted / disappeared

C melting / disappearing

D to melt / disappeared

23 ________ violence against _______ children is _______ worrying trend in some city centers.

A The / the / a

B The / a / the

C A / the / an

D The / ø / a

24 The place has many landmarks _______ night life is very exciting.

A but

B however

C and

D nevertheless

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