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1 A: ____________________________
B: It’s sunny and it’s very hot.

A What it’s the weather like?

B What’s the weather like?

C The weather is like hot?

D The weather is hot?

2 A: ______________________________________________________
B: Yes, there is. The shopping mall is on the corner of First Avenue and Carrier Drive.

A Are there a shopping mall nearby?

B Where is the shopping mall?

C Are there any shopping mall near here?

D Is there a shopping mall near here?

3 A: How often _____________ you ___________ swimming?
B: I ___________ swimming twice ____________ week.

A do / go/ go / a

B do / do / go / on

C go / go / go / at

D do / go / go / at

4 _______ you climbing a mountain at the moment?

A Is

B Do

C Are

D Does

5 They _______ cards last weekend.

A played

B play

C plaied

D playing

6 _______ she have a job?

A Are

B Does

C Do

D Is

7 A: _________________________________________?
B: Walk up Elm Street and turn right on International Drive. The gas station is between the supermarket and the post office.

A Where’s the supermarket?

B How can I get to the post office?

C How do I get to the gas station?

D Where’s Elm Street?

8 There’s ______ armchair in my bedroom.

A some

B any

C much

D an

9 My sister’s good ______ telling jokes, but I’m not.

A in

B on

C of

D at

10 A: Hi Mary, it’s ______ a long time!
B: Yeah, I _________ seen you in ages.
A: How _______ you been?
B: Pretty good. I’ve moved to New York and I’ve started working in a multinational company. What about you?
A: I ________ done anything different since high school, I’m still working in the same company and living in the same place.

A been / seen / are / haven’t

B has / have / have / hasn’t

C seen / been / have / haven’t

D been / haven’t / have / haven’t

11 I ________ born in Boston but I ________ in New York.

A did / move

B didn’t / moved

C was / was

D was / grew up

12 A: Which is _____________ China, Russia or Canada?
B: Russia is ______________ country.

A more big

B bigger

C the bigger

D the biggest

13 Choose the correct sentence:

A In five years, everyone will have internet at home.

B In five years, everyone will be internet at home.

C In five years, everyone have internet at home.

D In five years, everyone will have had internet at home.

14 What were you doing when you found the wallet?

A I was walk on the street.

B I were walk on the street.

C I was walking on the street.

D I walking on the street.

15 Choose the sentence that contains the Zero Conditional:

A If I were a mermaid, I would be in the ocean.

B If I was a singer, I will be very famous.

C If I exercise in the morning, I felt relaxed.

D Whenever I eat fruits and vegetables, I feel good.

16 Analyze the following statements and choose the correct option:
I – The Loch Ness monster is definitely a fraud.
II – Maybe crop circles are produced by aliens.
III – Ghosts maybe the souls or spirits of dead people.
IV – The Bermuda Triangle must is connected with the lost continent of Atlantis.

A III and IV are incorrect.

B I and II are incorrect.

C I, II, III and IV are incorrect.

D I and III are incorrect.

17 Choose the best way to rewrite the following sentence using a gerund form: “It is crucial to be resilient when you need to overcome a difficult situation”.

A To being resilient is crucial when you need to overcome a difficult situation.

B Being resilient it is crucial when you need to overcome a difficult situation.

C To be resilient is crucial when you need to overcome a difficult situation.

D Being resilient is crucial when you need to overcome a difficult situation.

18 Check the question with a different meaning from the others:

A Could you turn down your stereo?

B I was wondering if you could turn down your stereo.

C Would you mind turning down your stereo?

D Have you turned down your stereo yet?

19 Sally spent $500 over the limit on her credit card and now she has no money to pay the bills.

A She shouldn’t have done this.

B She wouldn’t have done this.

C I would have buy more things.

D I would’ve did the same thing.

20 Some brands are ________ popular because of poor advertising, and also because sometimes there is ____________ information in the ads.

A too much/ enough

B are enough / too much

C aren’t enough / too many

D aren’t enough / too much

21 Which alternative is not correct?

A My friend told me to take some pain-relief pills.

B My dad suggested seeing a doctor and get some medication.

C Mark said to go to bed early and relax.

D My doctor warned me not to stay in noisy places

22 I’m looking forward to traveling abroad and using my language skills.

A I’m worried about my language skills.

B I’ve never thought about traveling abroad.

C I’m feeling excited about traveling abroad.

D I’m afraid of using my language skills.

23 In a few years’ time, ________________ more people working at home.

A will be

B have

C there are be

D there will be

24 Which of the options below is incorrect?

A I’ve worked hard yesterday.

B I haven’t finished reading the book yet.

C I’ve traveled twice these days.

D I’ve been to Miami and Massachusetts.

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