Teste seu nível de inglês com a OneWay!

1 Choose the correct question.

A Does Edward live near your house?

B Do Edward live near your house?

C Does Edward lives near your house?

D Does Edward works here?

2 That’s not ______________ backpack. The yellow one is _______________.

A my / my

B mine / my

C my / mine

D mine / mine

3 A: __________________________
B: Yes, it is. This is my wallet.

A Is that your wallet?

B Is this your wallet?

C This is your wallet?

D Are this your wallet?

4 _______ you climbing a mountain at the moment?

A Is

B Do

C Are

D Does

5 I didn’t _______ to Orlando in my last vacation.

A goes

B went

C going

D go

6 Julie _______ her mother’s birthday.

A forgot

B forget

C forgeted

D forgetting

7 How ______ bread do we have?

A some

B much

C many

D any

8 Are you going to do anything special on Saturday night?

A No, he’s not. He’s going to study.

B Yes, they’re going to have dinner together.

C No, they aren’t. They’re going to stay at home.

D No, I’m not. I’m going to help my mother.

9 Does your house have a pool?

A Yes, I do.

B No, I don’t.

C Yes, it has.

D Yes, it does.

10 A: Which place is _____________, the city or the countryside?
B: The countryside is ______________ than the city.

A more relaxed

B most relaxing

C more relax

D more relaxing

11 While I ______ cooking last night someone ________ me and I ________ all the food.

A was / called / burnt.

B am / call / burn.

C was / call / burned.

D was / calling / burn.

12 A: ______ you _______pizza recently?
B: Yes, I ______ .

A Have / eaten / have.

B Did / eaten / did.

C Have / ate / haven’t.

D Have / eat / did.

13 What was she doing when she broke her leg?

A She was jogging in the morning.

B She were jogging on the morning.

C She was jogging at the morning.

D She jog in the morning

14 What were you doing when you found the wallet?

A I was walk on the street.

B I were walk on the street.

C I was walking on the street.

D I walking on the street.

15 Choose the correct sentence:

A In the past, not everyone have a cell phone.

B In the past, not everyone had a cell phone.

C In the past, everyone have a cell phone.

D In the past, not everyone have had a cell phone.

16 Analyze the following statements and choose the correct option:
I – The Loch Ness monster is definitely a fraud.
II – Maybe crop circles are produced by aliens.
III – Ghosts maybe the souls or spirits of dead people.
IV – The Bermuda Triangle must is connected with the lost continent of Atlantis.

A III and IV are incorrect.

B I and II are incorrect.

C I, II, III and IV are incorrect.

D I and III are incorrect.

17 I – I don’t mind _______________ speeches at college.
II – She hates ________________ calculations.
III – We have always been interested in ________________ languages.

A Delivering / to do / learning.

B to deliver / doing / to learn.

C Deliver / do / learn.

D Delivering / to do / to learn.

18 Choose the correct sentence:

A It’s typical for friends hug and kiss each other when greeting.

B Is impolite to ask a person how much she/he earns.

C You’re expected bring a bottle of wine when visiting someone.

D It’s unacceptable to arrive late for scheduled appointments.

19 Jane: “I went to the mall with my friends yesterday.” Jane said…

A …she had gone to the mall with my friends yesterday.

B …she went to the mall with her friends the day before

C …she had go to the mall with her friends the day before.

D …she had gone to the mall with her friends the day before.

20 A singer decided not to talk to the press under any circumstance. What may have happened?

A The singer may done something wrong.

B The singer may have do something wrong.

C The singer done something wrong.

D The singer may have done something wrong.

21 Sally spent $500 over the limit on her credit card and now she has no money to pay the bills.

A She shouldn’t have done this.

B She wouldn’t have done this.

C I would have buy more things.

D I would’ve did the same thing.

22 You’re in another city. You want to go to the nearest bank. You ask a stranger on the street:

A Can you tell me where the nearest bank is?

B Don’t tell me where the nearest bank is.

C Can you tell me where is the nearest bank?

D What’s the nearest bank?

23 The place has many landmarks _______ night life is very exciting.

A but

B however

C and

D nevertheless

24 Which of the options below is incorrect?

A I’ve worked hard yesterday.

B I haven’t finished reading the book yet.

C I’ve traveled twice these days.

D I’ve been to Miami and Massachusetts.

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